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Changing The World, One Farmer At A Time

MyCrop is a collaborative platform that strives to combine technology and human efforts to empower the smallholder farmers.


Filling the Information Vacuum

Bridging the gap of Lack of Information by providing Action Points!

MyCrop provides quality insights on environmental factors, and crisp action points about the farming techniques, thus, bringing to the farmers real-time information. By doing this, MyCrop intends to enhance farmers’ knowledge and increase the productivity, thus, filling the void created by lack of information.

Because the Best Inputs produce the Maximum Output!

MyCrop provides the best quality inputs to the farmers, starting from the seeds till the harvest, for ‘the best’ is what we aim for from the produce. MyCrop makes available these inputs according to what the land needs, recommended by Farmer Mitra’s using state-of-the-art technology embedded in the application.


Providing access to credit

Financial Support to smoothen the crop-to-grain journey!

MyCrop makes available the credit facilities by connecting the farmers to financial institutions, assisting them in documentation, thus, simplifying the whole process. MyCrop understands the hesitation farmers have in approaching the banks and availing the loans, with incomplete or no documents at all. It solves this dilemma by assisting them with their queries and requirements at each step.

Access to markets, for you deserve the right value for the produce!

MyCrop links the farmers to end buyers ensuring that they get the fair prices for their output. MyCrop, using its technology, is capable of predicting the potential production before the sowing, thus, eliminating the chaos that farmers face post harvest.


MyCrop is helping farmers become more profitable and more productive in a sustainable manner.

Our Partners

MyCrop welcomes partners to work in synergy, and create a change!



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